Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hello guys!

Today I'm going to talk about Catrice glam fusion powder to gel eyeshadow in the shade 020 To Be ContiNUDEd. I soon as I swatched it in store I knew it will be a beautiful highlight. Actually I don't use it as an eyeshadow at all. 

It comes in a little bit bigger packaging then eyeshadows usually come in (like Essence or other Catrice eyeshadows) so it's big enough for bigger brushes like highlighting brush that I use. You get 3,3g of products and in Essence eyeshadows you get 2,5g so it really is bigger. 

It says on the packaging it is a powder to gel eyeshadows but I don't see that. It is just a regular eyeshadow for me.  

The shade is beautiful beige/gold with really tiny shimmer and that's why it is great as a highlighter because it is not too glittery and you don't end up with glitter all over your face at the end of the day. 

If you apply a little bit it's going to be a nice settle highlight but if you built it up it is going to be beautiful intense gold highlight. I love the settle and the intense version.  

It costs around 3-4€. 

I really like this eyeshadow / highlighter and I recommend it to all of you. 

That is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Imam en odtenek in je res krasna senčka. Tako super pigment.

  2. Jaz tudi vedčkrat gledam kakšne njihove senčke in jih uporabljam za contour ali highlight. :) Ta je res lep odtenek. In verjetno najbolj poceni osvetljevalec :D.

    1. Ja res je :D jaz imam še eno od Essence, ki jo včasih uporabimo kot contour :D

  3. It looks like it would be an amazing highlighter!