Friday, 12 February 2016


Hello guys!

This product has been all over YouTube and all of my favourite YouTubers love it. Since I have been looking for a really good concealer I decided to get it. It is not the cheapest concealer but it's worth it and I will tell you why in this post. 

I bought it on for 21.26€ (it was on sale, now it is 23.10€). 

The packaging is very nice. I think it's made out of glass or very good plastic and the cap is mirrored / sliver. The applicator is flat and that's why it applies enough product for both eyes in just one swipe. 

The coverage of this concealer is quite similar to Catrice camouflage concealer which is very good but what is special about this product and why I love it so much is that it's so lightweight I can't even feel it on my skin. It blends amazingly, is not cakey at all and just looks very natural under my eyes. The skin under my eyes is not the smoothest so most of the concealers look a bit cakey and you can see them but with this one my under eyes look a lot better and much more smooth and natural. It is also great for highlighting the face.

I thnik the best way to apply it is with the sponge - I use Real Techniques one or with a brush - I use Real Techniques setting brush. 


I got the shade light neutral and it's a very good match for me. If a compare it to Catrice Camouflage concealer in shade light beige it is a bit more pinky and a bit lighter.



All in all this concealer is amazing and I really recommend it to all of you who want a really natural looking but high coverage concealer.  

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