Friday, 26 February 2016


Hello guys!

Catrice came out with a lot of new products this month and among all of them the cream contouring palette was the one that really caught my attention so of course I grabbed it immediately and ran to the cash register (I mean it is only 4,69€ which is great for a palette like this).

The packaging is made out of clear plastic so you can see contouring shades without opening it and is also really nice, doesn't feel cheap at all (I think that all Catrice packagings are very good for a drugstore price). On the back are instructions on where to use each shade. 


You get five different shades. Two matt contours, two matt highlighting shades and one shimmery highlight. They are quite small so you can't really put a brush in them but that doesn't bother me because I apply them on my face with fingers and them blend with a brush or fingers.  You can also apply powders over them.

These shades are very creamy and easy to blend. The contouring shades are a bit sheer (which is great for me because that allows you to build up your contour) and the highlighting shades are very nicely pigmented not sheer at all. 


Left-contour shade    Right-bronzing shade

The first one (also the first one in the palette from left) is a gorgeous cold, slightly ashy brown. I never found a more perfect shade to contour with in the drugstore before, because they are usually too warm or too orange and this one is not at all. I use it underneath my cheek bones because this is the only area on my face that I like to contour.

And the second is a warm (but not orange at all), quite dark brown shade. I use it for bronzing. I apply it on my forehead and a little bit under my chin. It is also a great shade just like the first one.

Top-bronzing shade     Bottom-contour shade


Left-pinky highlight      Right-yellow highlight

The first highlighting shade has a pinky undertone so is great for everybody with a pink undertone of their skin. It's very highlighting because it is quite a light shade. 

The next matt highlight has a yellow undertone and this one works better for me than the first one. I use it to highlight around my nose and on my chin. 

I usually don't use these types of highlights (I prefer liquidy concealers and highlights) because they do cake up underneath my eyes and these two do that and they also get into the fine lines around my eyes. That is why they are my least favourite shades from this palette.

  Top-yellow highlight    Bottom-pinky highlight


I didn't expect a lot from this shade because I thought it's going to have chunky glitter in it but I was very wrong. It gives a beautiful shimmery shine to the cheeks and is not chunky at all. It is an amazing everyday highlighting shade because it's not too intense. I apply it with my fingers. I don't rub in on my skin because if you do, you rub the colour away and only shimmer is left on your skin, so I gently pat it on my cheekbones.  

All in all I really like this palette and I think is definitely worth a try.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Hello guys!

Today I'm going to review my first two products from Oriflame Sweden. I didn't know much about this brand I didn't even know they have catalogues like Avon until my mom brought it home from work. And of course I had to buy at least something. I picked up their THE ONE COLOUR UNLIMITED EYE SHADOW STICKS because they looked very similar to Kiko eyeshadow sticks and I wanted to compare them and see if they are just as good. 

The packaging is just a little bit smaller than Kiko's (lenght wise) and a bit lighter. You also get less product (Kiko-1,64g  Oriflame-1,2g). The product twist up the same as Kiko's and you also have the colours on the bottom of the packaging. 

The product that you twist up is thinner than Kiko's which I find very handy because you can apply it in the inner corner and all the way to the crease without making to much of a mess. 

(Top: Oriflame-Sahara Bronze  Bottom: Kiko-38)

These eyeshadow sticks are very creamy and pigmented and I find them easier to apply than Kiko's. I usually apply them straight from the packaging and then blend (easier to blend than Kiko sticks because they don't dry up so fast) them with my fingers or with a brush (Makeup Revolution blending brush is great for cream products). They are longlasting but just a little bit less then Kiko's. And I also find them very lightweight which is not very common for cream eyeshadows at least not for me. 

 (Top:Iced Sand   Bottom:Sahara Bronze)

They sell six shades but I only got two of them. First one is SAHARA BRONZE which is very similar to Maybelline colour tattoo - on and on bronze but it's a little bit warmer. And the second is ICED SAND a beautiful beige shade.

(Top:Sahara Bronze   Bottom:Iced Sand)

(Left to right: Iced Sand , Sahara Bronze , On And On Bronze)

They costs 8,90€ but I got them on sale for 5,50€ (they're still on sale). 

I find these eye shadows stick a bit better then Kiko's and I recommend them to all of you.  

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Friday, 12 February 2016


Hello guys!

This product has been all over YouTube and all of my favourite YouTubers love it. Since I have been looking for a really good concealer I decided to get it. It is not the cheapest concealer but it's worth it and I will tell you why in this post. 

I bought it on for 21.26€ (it was on sale, now it is 23.10€). 

The packaging is very nice. I think it's made out of glass or very good plastic and the cap is mirrored / sliver. The applicator is flat and that's why it applies enough product for both eyes in just one swipe. 

The coverage of this concealer is quite similar to Catrice camouflage concealer which is very good but what is special about this product and why I love it so much is that it's so lightweight I can't even feel it on my skin. It blends amazingly, is not cakey at all and just looks very natural under my eyes. The skin under my eyes is not the smoothest so most of the concealers look a bit cakey and you can see them but with this one my under eyes look a lot better and much more smooth and natural. It is also great for highlighting the face.

I thnik the best way to apply it is with the sponge - I use Real Techniques one or with a brush - I use Real Techniques setting brush. 


I got the shade light neutral and it's a very good match for me. If a compare it to Catrice Camouflage concealer in shade light beige it is a bit more pinky and a bit lighter.



All in all this concealer is amazing and I really recommend it to all of you who want a really natural looking but high coverage concealer.  

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Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hello guys!

These Avon matte lipstick are quite a big hit right now, they are all over instagram and blogs I think. 
I only got two of them because all the other shades are too pink for me and I didn't want to get any reds because I have enough right now. 
So I decided to get a berry and a nude shade. 

Firstly the packaging is very nice. It's made out of black matt plastic and silver metal. On the top is a see through plastic so you can see the colour of the lipstick. It closes very well too.  

These lipsticks have a matte finish as the name suggest but they are not drying at all and they feel really nice on the lips. They are also quite long lasting but if you drink or eat you have to reapply them. If you have dry and chapped lips they won't look very nice so you have to exfoliate before applying.

The first one that I got is in the shade BERRY BLAST. Its is a beautiful deep berry shade but not too dark. Perfect for every day or for nights out.  
And the second shade is called MARVELOUS MOCHA. It is a very nice darker nude shade. I hoped it would be a bit more brown but it's more of a orange/peach nude but nevertheless it is still very beautiful.  

Top: Marvelous Mocha
Bottom: Berry Blast

I really like these lipstick and would recommend them to you!

This is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3