Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hello beauties!

Today I have a very exciting post for you all well at least for me haha. I bought these liquid lipstick on eBay not expecting much at all but they are absolutely amazing. 

The packaging is nothing special. It is made out of plastic that looks quite cheap but the applicator is just like on any other lip product like that.  

But the most important is what's inside. These liquid lipsticks apply very nicely like lip glosses but then they dry completely matt and stay on your lips for a whole day no matter what you drink or eat.  And they look really nice also if you have dry lips.

They are a little bit hard to remove but if you exfoliate your lips before applying them and if you use a good make up remover they will remove quickly (I use Natuar Siberica make up removing foam). 

They sell 38 different shades of these liquid lipstick and I got 6 of them (4 more are on my wish list already). The ones that I bought are:

A beautiful dark red with a little bit of brown in it. 

This one looks very similar to 33 in the packaging but on the lips (or on the swatch below) it is more light red with a slight shade of orange. 


A very bright berry pink shade. I think this liquid lipstick will look great in summer time. 


This is a typical pink shade great for everyday and also for every season.


This one is my least favourite because it's slightly shimmery. It's a very pretty nude shade but the simmer just doesn't work for me.  


A gorgeous bright orange red shade. I know that this one will look great in the summer time with a little bit of tan.



33 & 32 & 25 & 21 & 10 & 09

*I took a shower with these swatches on and I can tell you they are water and shower gel proof.

You can check them out on this link and each liquid lipstick costs only 0,99$.

Hope you liked this post and thanks for visiting my blog <3



  1. Te so res neverjetne.. jaz imam dva odtenka, odlične so.. da o obstojnosti sploh ne govorim :)

    1. Ja res so super pa za tako ceno.. jaz sem bila zelo presenečena nad kvaliteto :)

  2. Kako pa se spopadaš s tem, da so lepljive? Meni so kul, ampak mi je grozno ko se mi ustnice skupaj lepijo :(

    1. Meni se rahlo lepijo samo dokler se ne posušijo.. ko pa se popolnoma posušijo pa jih sploh ne čutim več na ustnicah :) je pa res da se nekateri odtenki posušijo zelo hitro drugi pa rabijo malo več časa .. vednar noben več kot 5 minut :)

  3. Great buy! I am glad that you had a successful purchase. You can find some of the best things on eBay!