Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hello guys!!

I love buying and testing out cheap products on eBay so this year I decided to start writing new series of posts called EBAY FINDS. I will buy one or two products every month, try them out and share my opinion with you. I already did two of these post last year (about brushes) and you guys quite liked them which made me very happy. 

I really needed some kind of holder to put my brushes in when I'm travelling. So I went on eBay of course and found this really cute and cheap one. It is cream with gold pattern and gold detail where you close it. 

It is very nicely made not cheap looking at all, made out of fake leather. 

At first it looked quite small to me (width wise) but it does fit all of my brushes that I need - foundation brush, powder brush, bronzer brush.... also all of my Real Techniques brushes which are not thin at all. 

 You can buy it on this link for 7,13$. 

Hope you liked this post and thanks for visiting my blog <3

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