Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hello beauties!

Before I write anything about this brush I'm going to say: go on eBay and buy it!! It costs only 2,35$  (around 2,1€) and is freaking amazing! Let me start with the review now so you will see why I love it so much!

I love buying all sorts of things on eBay but especially brushes because they have some very good ones for such a low price and this brush is definitely one of them.

At first I toughed it will be a bit hard to hold while applying make up because it's quite short and "fat". But it's actually very handy because you can really buff in the foundation and it's not hard to hold at all. 

Handle is made out of white plastic and gold metal and bristles are synthetic.

What makes this brush so good are short and very packed bristles (it is quite similar to Real Techniques Expert Face brush but it's wider, not so hard and bristles are shorter). That's why it blends foundation and concealer so quickly (I was really surprised how fast it blends) and beautifully (it doesn't leave any hair and I don't have to go over with my finger because it blends foundation so nicely into my skin). It doesn't soak any product and feels great on the skin too. 

This is my third foundation brush and it's by far my favourite (I already own Real Techniques one and Nanshy Flat Top Brush). 

I really do recommend this brush to all of you because I like it a lot. You can buy it here

That is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Po tej objavi pa vidim,da škoda,da ga nisem že zadnjič naročla. Zdaj ga ziher bom. :D

    1. Ja je res super :D jaz sem zelo vesela da sem ga naročila :)

  2. Hej, mi lahko pripneš prosim link :). In pa, če veš za kakšnega fajn z ebaya, ki je kot od RT Buffing Brush. Hvala

    1. Čisto spodaj v objavi sem napisala you can my it here če klikneš na here ti bo odprlo link :) za RT brush pa nisem še nič gledala čeprav nameravam kmalu kupiti spet kakšen čopič in bom verjetno poiskala kar tega :)

    2. Hvala, mislila sem torej, če je kakšen kot je ta, ki je podoben RT samo, da je oblika kot buffing brush. No če slučajno naletiš bom pa vesela linka. Hvala :)