Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Hello guys!!

I wanted this palette for so long but I didn't find any on line store that would sell it with a reasonable shipping cost to Slovenia. And then they got NYX products on and I immediately bought it. I tested it enough to share my opinion with you so lets start!


Top row is a highlighting row. You get two shimmery highlights and two matt ones. 

The first one is called ICE QUEEN and it is a white shimmery shade. It is a very nice shimmery highlight that gives you a nice glow and it's not to glittery at all. I don't use this one on it's own because it is to light for me but I do mix it with the other shade from this palette and they look great together.  

The second shade is a matt pinky powder called SOFT LIGHT and the third one is slightly yellow matt powder called CREAM. They are very fine mild and great for setting concealer under the eyes because they give a bit more brightness to this area. I mix them together and apply under my eyes on my chin and slightly on my forehead.

And the last shade from the first row is a beautiful peachy shimmery highlight called NECTAR. Formula wise it's the same as ice queen but I do wear this one on it's one because it is not to light at all. 

(ice queen, soft light, cream, nectar) 


As you can see on the picture the bottom row is a bronze/contour row. It consist of three bronzing and one contour shade. This powders are very fine mild and very pigmented so I have to blend them quite a lot but once blended they look very natural and beautiful.

The first one is a matt, light to medium bronzing shade called TAN. It's is a perfect all year round bronzer. 

Second shade called TOFFEE is also a bronzing one but it is slightly darker and shimmery. I only wear shimmery bronzers in summer and I think this one will be perfect because it gives a beautiful sun kissed bronzed look to the face. 

Third one called SCULPT is a matt brown shade but it's more of a cool brown (not muddy) so it is perfect for contouring. I love to use this shade with my Ecotools blush brush because they make a perfect contour together. And this shade is not to intense so it's perfect for everyday use too. 

And the last shade from this palette is a very dark slightly shimmery bronzing shade called HOLLOW. Right now I can't use it because it just to dark for me but I might be able to use it in the summer when I get a tan. 

 (tan, toffee, sculpt, hollow)

All this powders are very fine mild and very pigmented. They blend and apply beautifully. My favourites are cream, nectar and sculpt. 

You can also remove shades from the pallet and put you favourites in  z-palettes or something like that (I plan on doing that so that I can take them with me when I'm travelling). 

It costs 25,38€ and you can get it here

I would totally recommend this palette to all of you who like to experiment with contouring & highlighting and also to those who want very nice face powders. 

That is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

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