Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hello beauty lovers!

I already shown this brush in my feelunique haul but because it is so good I decided to do a separate review about it. Lets start!

This brush is made out of bamboo and recycled materials which make it so lightweight and also very soft (on of the softest brushes I ever used). 

It's tapered on the end into I slight point and also from the sides.
Because of that it's great for contouring. It makes a perfect line under the cheek bones but because it is very soft it doesn't make the contour to sharp and unnatural looking. 

And it's also great for bronzing because it blends perfectly.

As the name of the brush suggest it's probably very good for applying blush too. But I don't wear blushes so I can't claim that.  

That is it for this review. Thanks for visiting my blog <3 


  1. Nice review, not too long not too short, and the pictures are great as well :)