Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Hello girls!

After a very long time a finally got an opportunity to order some things from Avon (I feel like Avon was way more popular a couple of years ago when everybody had their catalogues now I don't know anybody who has it. Luckily my mother's coworker does so I got me some goodies). 


I've had this oil already around two years ago and I absolutely loved it and I still do. I will do a more in depth review of it soon so keep an eye on my blog if you are interested. 


 Tender & Desire

I have a few of these nail polishes already and I adore them. So of course I had toget me some more. I picked Tender and Desire and they are both very beautiful nude shades. 


This is a beautiful red lipstick. It is a bit darker than a true red colour which I love. I wore it already once and I like it a lot. Feels nice on the lips and it's also quite long lasting (3-4 hours without reapplying). 

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Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello beauty lovers!

Today I decided to share with you my current favourite lipstick. It goes perfectly with my style and I absolutely love it. I know I will be wearing it all winter and probably in spring too haha. 

It's Catrice - 150 Chocolate kiss  ultimate stay lipstick. A perfect brown shade with a bit of a red undertone.  

I love that it has a satin to almost matt finish but it's not very drying on the lips. It also quite long lasting but I have to reapply it after eating/drinking.  

It's very pigmented and also very easy to apply for such a dark lipstick.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello lovelies!!

I have been wearing dark nail polishes a lot lately so it was about time to give some attention to my nude ones too. 

This two nail polishes are both from Essence The Nudes collection. First one called 09 YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL is a gorgeous beige shade and the second one called 03 I'M LOST IN YOU is a beautiful nude-pink.

The formula is very thin so two or three coats are necessary for me. The brush is a bit rounded which makes them very easy to apply. 

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Hello guys!!

I wanted this palette for so long but I didn't find any on line store that would sell it with a reasonable shipping cost to Slovenia. And then they got NYX products on and I immediately bought it. I tested it enough to share my opinion with you so lets start!


Top row is a highlighting row. You get two shimmery highlights and two matt ones. 

The first one is called ICE QUEEN and it is a white shimmery shade. It is a very nice shimmery highlight that gives you a nice glow and it's not to glittery at all. I don't use this one on it's own because it is to light for me but I do mix it with the other shade from this palette and they look great together.  

The second shade is a matt pinky powder called SOFT LIGHT and the third one is slightly yellow matt powder called CREAM. They are very fine mild and great for setting concealer under the eyes because they give a bit more brightness to this area. I mix them together and apply under my eyes on my chin and slightly on my forehead.

And the last shade from the first row is a beautiful peachy shimmery highlight called NECTAR. Formula wise it's the same as ice queen but I do wear this one on it's one because it is not to light at all. 

(ice queen, soft light, cream, nectar) 


As you can see on the picture the bottom row is a bronze/contour row. It consist of three bronzing and one contour shade. This powders are very fine mild and very pigmented so I have to blend them quite a lot but once blended they look very natural and beautiful.

The first one is a matt, light to medium bronzing shade called TAN. It's is a perfect all year round bronzer. 

Second shade called TOFFEE is also a bronzing one but it is slightly darker and shimmery. I only wear shimmery bronzers in summer and I think this one will be perfect because it gives a beautiful sun kissed bronzed look to the face. 

Third one called SCULPT is a matt brown shade but it's more of a cool brown (not muddy) so it is perfect for contouring. I love to use this shade with my Ecotools blush brush because they make a perfect contour together. And this shade is not to intense so it's perfect for everyday use too. 

And the last shade from this palette is a very dark slightly shimmery bronzing shade called HOLLOW. Right now I can't use it because it just to dark for me but I might be able to use it in the summer when I get a tan. 

 (tan, toffee, sculpt, hollow)

All this powders are very fine mild and very pigmented. They blend and apply beautifully. My favourites are cream, nectar and sculpt. 

You can also remove shades from the pallet and put you favourites in  z-palettes or something like that (I plan on doing that so that I can take them with me when I'm travelling). 

It costs 25,38€ and you can get it here

I would totally recommend this palette to all of you who like to experiment with contouring & highlighting and also to those who want very nice face powders. 

That is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hello beauty lovers!

I already shown this brush in my feelunique haul but because it is so good I decided to do a separate review about it. Lets start!

This brush is made out of bamboo and recycled materials which make it so lightweight and also very soft (on of the softest brushes I ever used). 

It's tapered on the end into I slight point and also from the sides.
Because of that it's great for contouring. It makes a perfect line under the cheek bones but because it is very soft it doesn't make the contour to sharp and unnatural looking. 

And it's also great for bronzing because it blends perfectly.

As the name of the brush suggest it's probably very good for applying blush too. But I don't wear blushes so I can't claim that.  

That is it for this review. Thanks for visiting my blog <3 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Hello lovelies!

As I said a couple times on my blog fall is my favourite time of the year also for wearing make up. I love berry and plum shades and I only wear them this time of the year so I toughed it would be perfect to dedicate one post just to them. Lets start!


I love a bit of plum/berry on my eye. Usually nothing crazy like smokey eyes but just a nice every day fall look. My favourite shades are ESSENCE - GALSTONBERRY (beautiful shimmery berry eyeshadow), ESSENCE - KEEP CALM AND BERRY ON (gorgeous plum satin shade) and CATRICE - PLUM UP THE JAM (very pretty light plum satin eyeshadow). 

TOP TO BOTTOM - plum up the jam & glastonberry (more pigmented than on photo) & keep calm and berry on

These two are actually the only berry/plum shades of lip products that I have and I absolutely love them. Lip pencil is ESSENCE - HONEY BERRY (true berry-dark pink shade) and lipstick is CATRICE - PLUM & BASE (gorgeous dark plum shade - satin finish, almost matt on my dry lips).
(great for wearing them together too)

I love me some nice berry/dark plum nails and these three nail polishes are just perfect. First one is CATRICE - VINO TINTO (beautiful dark plum shade without any shimmer). Second is CATRICE - FOR SOME IT'S PLUM (very pretty berry-violet shade) and the third one is CATRICE - FIRST CLASS UP GRAPE (quite similar to vino tinto just not so dark and it's shimmery). 
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Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hello guys!!

I wanted to do a fall oriented tag for a couple of weeks but I didn't find any interesting until this one that I found on YouTube. I think that questions are really fun to answer so I decided to do it today. Lets start!

I love candles especially in this time of year. My favourites are from Muller (Bolsius) and my favourite scents are Baked Cookies and Plum & Almond pie.

Definitely Catrice - Plum & Base. It's a perfect plum-berry coloured lipstick.   

I love to drink tea all year round but in Autumn when weather gets colder a nice cup of tea feels even better. My favourite is black Indian tea and orange-cinnamon tea. 

I especially love warm orange-brown colours and also dark plums (for example Catrice - Red Goes Nuts (here) and Catrice - Vino Tinto).  

I love boots, scarfs, coats but my favourite must be a good leather jacket.

I love watching horror movies especially around Halloween time. I love so many I can't pick only one. I really liked Anabelle, Insidious, Conjuring... 

Supernatural!! I have been watching this show for so many years and in October season 11 came out so it must be my favourite TV show for this fall.  

I absolutely love chestnuts. I wait all year long for fall just so I can eat as much chestnuts as I possibly can haha.  

Well I don't really celebrate Halloween or go to Halloween parties but if I would I probably dress as a witch because I absolutely love them - films about witches are my favourite.  

That is it for this post. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting <3