Friday, 9 October 2015


Hello lovelies!

I reviewed a cleanser similar to this one not a long time ago (here) so I really didn't need another one but you know how it is when you are casually browsing the shelves in the store and you see some products on sale and you have to buy them not even needing them.. yes that happens to me quite a lot haha.  

So I bought the NATURA SIBERICA FOAM CLEANSER because lately I have been really interested in natural products and this one is made with wild harvested Siberian herbs (99,4%) which immediately made me buy it. 

It says on the bottle that it's a eye make up remover but I actually use it to remove all make up and it works great. Firstly I wet my face, put two pumps of the cleanser on my palm and then massage it into my skin. It removes everything (also eyeliner and mascara) and it doesn't irritate my eyes which is great because they are quite sensitive. 

As I said in the beginning it is very similar to the Himalaya Herbals foam cleanser but the foam of this one is a bit more thick and because of that I prefer this one but other wise they are almost the same. 

That's it for this blog post. Hope you like it and I hope you like my renovated blog too. 

Thanks for visiting <3

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