Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello girls!

As I mentioned in my last week's blog post I bought two Body&Soul (Muller brand) brushes. I have been playing with them for the last two weeks and tried them out enough to tell you if they are good or not. So lets start with the review!


This is not a typical blending brush for me. Usually they are quite wide and very fluffy but this one is long, tapered and also very soft. It is perfect for applying eyeshadows directly into the crease, especially for darker eyeshadows because it doesn't apply them to high.Though it is tapered it's fluffy enough to really blend eyeshadows perfectly. And it's only around 3€ which is great deal for a good eye brush. I'm very impressed with it and recommend it to all of you. 


 (Essence waterproof eye pencil)

This brush is very pointed and hard which makes it perfect for blending waterproof eyeliners and eye pencils. But I also like to use it to apply eyeshadows in the inner corner because it is perfect size and shape for that. This one also costs around 3€. 

That is it for this blog post. Hope you like it and thank you for visiting my blog <3

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