Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hello girls!

I received these FREEDOM products about a month ago from lič and now that I have them for some time and I tested them I decided to do a review. And there is also a little giveaway at the end (the giveaway is sadly not international but I promise when I will have a bigger giveaway going on it's going to be for all of my follower no matter where you live).

I never tried any Freedom products before because they are new in Slovenia. I was really happy when I got the package because I love trying out new products. Lič thank you again for this lovely surprise.

PS: I will tell you my honest opinion about these products. Just because they were send to me I will not lie to you and tell that they are great if they are not. 


I will start with my favourite. This lipstick is creamy and quite sheer but you can layer it to be a bit more opaque. It is a really nice nude pink shade. It wears really nicely through out the day because it's not just creamy but also a little bit waxy which I love because it stays on the lips for quite a long time.

Price: 1,95€ 


I have a love hate relationship with this products. Firstly I love the bronzer. It's very similar to the bronzer in Sleek contour kit, nicely pigmented, easy to blend. But it's pretty dark so I don't think I will be able to wear it in autumn/winter. But then comes the highlighter and the blush. I don't wear blushes so I won't use it but for all of you blush wearers I think is a bit to shimmery for a blush. And then there is a highlighter. I don't know how I feel about it yet. In some lights it looks beautiful but in other lights it looks way to shimmery. I think that it's a bit to intense for day time too. I will have to work with it some more to really make an opinion about it. 

Price: 5,95€


As I said already I don't wear blushes so I decided to give it away to one of you girls. Just write a comment below telling me what do you like the most about fall time and on 10th of October I will announced the winner in the blog post on that day.  

Price:  1,95€

All in all I really want to try some more of their products (especially lipsticks). If you like any tell me in the comments below and I will check it out.

This is it for this post. Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

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