Friday, 11 September 2015


Hello girls!!

I always loved a nice night cream because I think it really bring moisture back into my skin rather than day cream (because it's more thick and rich). I used up my Nivea night cream and I wanted to try a new one. When I found this Balea nature night cream I had to have it because it's skin friendly with 95% natural ingredients and very cheap (oh and it also contains olive oil which is great for dry skin). Lets start with the review!

When I first opened it I immediately noticed the smell and fell in love. It's so fresh and just very very nice haha. 

The cream itself is not to thick but also not as thin as day creams usually are. It blends and sinks into the skin very quickly so I don't even feel it on after a couple of minutes but even though its sinks in fast and is not to thick it moisturise my skin very nicely and my skin is very soft and healthy looking in the morning.  

This night cream I will probably use more in spring/summer because I prefere very thick creams in autumn/winter because my skin gets very dry. 

I use it every evening after I cleanse my skin and also sometimes when I'm at home all day and don't wear make up I just apply it in the morning as a day cream because it really suits my skin and moisturise it very well.

I would totally recommend this night cream to all of you because it works great (at least for me) and it is very cheap too. 

PS: to all of my Slovenian girls who don't speak German - does it bother you that everything is written in German in Muller and DM haha. It certainly bothers me because I never know half of the writing on the packaging haha.

That is it for this post. Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

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