Wednesday, 19 August 2015


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I can't express how much I love make up brushes haha. Every time I order some new ones I get so excited and can't wait to get them in my hands. Even though I probably have enough I just can't stop buying them. So of course I had to buy something from Nanshy when I saw they have their products on lič

I bought NANSHY FLAT TOP BRUSH (FLAWLESS FOUNDATION) and NANSHY MARVEL 4 IN 1 SPONGE. I didn't want to buy more because I never heard of them before and didn't know if they are good or bad. But now that I tried these two I must say I will be buying more because they are really nice!

Lets start with the review!


 This brush is amazing. Very soft and dense just enough to blend foundation like a dream. 

It washes very nicely and the bristles doesn't fall out at all. 

It's a perfect size and I really like that the top of the handle is metal and the top of the brush is white so you can see when it's clean or very dirty.

I compared this brush to Real Techniques expert face brush and I like this one just a little bit better because it blends foundation quicker and nicer. With expert face brush I have to work really hard to blend but this one just blend it so nicely and no pressure is needed. I think that Real Techniques one blend thick foundations better but for more liquidy foundations or BB/CC creams this one is much better. 



This sponge is so soft and when I wet it it becomes a lot bigger but when it dries out it becomes small again so I can but it back in it's packaging which is really handy and sanitary.

It is really easy to clean (I figured out that it cleanse a lot better with hard soap than with shampoo or liquid soap). 


I compared this sponge to Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and I prefer this one. It cleans better, becomes bigger once wet, better shaped and more soft. I also noticed that my Real Techniques sponge became damaged and stained really quickly but this one is still perfect and I have it for quite some time. (I will buy a new Real techniques one again though because everybody loves it so maybe it was just something wrong with the one I got)


The only down side of this sponge is that it soak in quite a lot of product that I'm using (more than Real techniques sponge). That is why I don't use it to completely blend in foundation (only if a want it to be light coverage or if foundation is too heavy) or concealer (only if I put too much on) but first blend with fingers or brush and than just use it on top to make it look more natural and healthy. 

That is it for this blog post. 

Hope you liked it and thank you for visiting my blog <3

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