Friday, 14 August 2015


Hello girls!

If summer is not a perfect time for wearing a nice shimmery bronzer than I don't know when it is. Catrice came out with some new products last month I this shimmery bronzer particularly caught my eye (I do want to try the new foundation and concealer too but they didn't have it in the store). Lets start with the review!

I'm not really a shimmery face products wearer (except highlighter of course) but in the summer, especially if I have a tan I love a nice shimmery bronzer and this CATRICE SUN GLOW MINERAL BRONZING POWDER  is perfect. 

It is very settle and not very pigmented and I really like this because especially with shimmery products you can quickly over do it. Also the shimmer particles are not chunky and just give a very nice glow to the cheeks. 

It's quite light but even though I'm quite tan it still looks great on me, so it's prefect for tan and pale girls.  

That is it for this blog post. Hope you like it. 

Thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. uuu všeč mi je, ker ni tako temen in bi bil za mojo kožo super.