Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hello lovelies!!

Yes.. I haven't posted anything in over a month.. I feel so bad about it.. but I just wanted to focus on my exams last month. But now I'm done and ready do bring my blog back to life. I accumulated so my products to review that I couldn't even decided where to start haha. 

PS: if you haven't noticed my blog has a new name and I like it a lot more than previous one. And I also have an instagram dedicated especially to my blog and my beauty obsession haha. You can check at @polished95

But now let me just start the review already :D

This Kiko cream crush eyeshadow is kind of a mousse like eyeshadow. It is very pigmented, easy to apply, blends very nicely and very long lasting

I usually apply it with my finger and then blend with a brush. 

If I compare it to Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadows I must say I prefer this one just a little bit, because it's easier to blend and feels lighter on the eyelid. It looks quite similar to Maybelline - on and on bronze but it is a bit darker and has a hint of red-brown in.  

It costs around 6€

I have the shade 06 and I would love to try some other shades too, because I really like this one.

This is it for this review. Tell me if you own any of this and if you like it :)

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

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