Friday, 24 July 2015


Hello beauty lovers!

A couple months ago I ran out of my trusty Nivea day cream for dry and sensitive skin. But I didn't want to repurchase it because I wanted to try something new and I'm very happy that I picked up Afrodita regenerative care multi-active moisturising cream because my skin loves it. 

This cream is very lightweight and blends in like a dream. It sinks into skin very quickly and it's perfect to apply before make up. 

The consistency of this cream is not heavy. It has more of a liquid texture so I only need a little bit for my whole face (which is a big plus, because I have it for quite some time and I used up almost non of it). 

It makes my skin feel very soft and plump and I absolutely love it for spring and summer time. It might be a little bit to lightweight for autumn and winter because my skin gets really dry them but for now it is perfect. 

This is it fro this review. Hope you liked it and thanks for visiting my blog <3