Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello guys!

Last week I received a very excited package from Lič They send me I HEART MAKEUP BROWS KIT (bold is best) to try and tell you what I think about it. 

Thank you Lič so much for this little surprise, you really made my day :)

PS: This is my honest opinion, I'm not just saying this because I got it but because I really feel that way about it. 

You can get this product here

Firstly packaging is perfect. It has every think you need to do your brows: mirrorbrushtweezersbrow powders and brow wax or setting gel as some call it. It is also small so it's perfect for travelling too. 

Brush is perfect but tweezers are not the best because you can't pull the smallest hairs with them. 

There are three powders in it: light brown/dark blonddark/chocolate brown and black. They are easy to apply and blend and are nicely pigmented (not to much which is perfect because I can easily over do my brows haha). 
And they can also be used as eyeshadows which is great because you actually have a two in on product (I use black for upper lash line and it looks great).

Brow wax or setting gel is also really nice. It makes my brows stay in place for a very long time but not whole day so I have to touch it up if it's really necessary. I apply it with a brush or just slightly tap it on with my finger. It doesn't make my brows look weird or anything you actually can't see it at all.  

PS: I didn't insert any pictures of me wearing it because I'm try to grow my eyebrows a little bit thicker so they are not looking their best right now haha. 

That is it for my review hope you find it interesting and useful. Tell me if you have this product and if you like it or not :)

Lič kindly gave me a discount code BRALKABLOGA15 which give you 15% off your whole order which is pretty awesome because they have really good things on their website (PS: it is only available for Slovenian girls). You can use it till the end of May. 

Thanks for reading my blog everybody <3


  1. Super, sem že večkrat gleala tale setek. Nisem sicer prepričana o barvah, je pa meni super ker imaš na enem mestu vse.

    1. Mislim da imajo še enega ki ima malce svetlejše odtenke :) mogoče bi ti tisti bolj ustrezal ;)

  2. Vsak teden si na lič dam to paletko v košarico, potem pa si premislim, ker ne vem ali bo pretemna, obstojna ... Mislim, da bom sedaj lahko dokončala nakup. :D

    1. Haha no super da sem ti lahko pomagala :D