Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hello girls!

Today I have a very simple nail of the day post for you all. I saw a picture of a manicure like this one on Instagram and I really liked it so I decided to do it myself too. I know it is not perfect but I like it anyway so I decided to share it with you. 

For the base I used a random clear/base nail polish, for green dots Essence That's what I mint, for blue dots Essence If I were a boy and for nude/pink dots Essence Love me, cupcake and I also used a top coat. You can also use whatever colour you want.  

Hope you liked this quick NOTD and thanks for visiting my blog :)

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Hello lovelies!!

Today I decided to do a quick and simple blog post. Yesterday I went to Venice and I was blown away by the beauty of this town so I wanted to share some photos that I took there. Hope you enjoy them :) 

PS: I went to Kiko and bought some goodies so keep an eye on my blog if you are interested because little haul/review will come soon. 

Hope you like some of the photos and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello lovelies!

I don't now why I haven't done any post like this before, instead of showing you which products I didn't like I just thrown them away - so stupid ha ha. 
I think that post like this are very useful so I'm doing my first one today. Lets start!


I know that a lot of beauty lovers really like this mascara a lot but I don't really. Well I love how it looks on and the lenght and separation that it gives to my lashes but after wearing it for a couple hours it starts to crumble on my under eye area and eyelids. If it was cheap like for example Essence mascaras I probably wouldn't be surprised but it's probably one of the most expensive in drugstore (15€). So it is a big disappointment for me :(

PS: I forgot to take a photo of it :(  (it's the one in gold packaging with VOLUME MILLION LASH written on it)


I was really excited about this product but it didn't work for me. It does cover my circles good enough but it has little shimmer in it which I don't like at all. If I put Catrice cream concealer on top it kind of works but otherwise no.  


I really like Catrice eyeshadows but this particular shade was a big disappointment for me. It is such a beautiful colour but when I apply it the shimmer just fly around everywhere and I end up with it all over my face. Very annoying since the shade is gorgeous :(


I tried soo much to love this jumbo pen because I love the colour and idea of a cream eyeshadow in a stick but it just didn't work for me. It feels kind of sticky and gets in fine lines very quickly :( It only looks nice for around 1-2 hours. 

BODY&SOUL WELLNESS BODYSPRAY (Grapefruit & Bergamotte)

When I smelled this body spray in the store I fell in love ha ha because it's a perfect sent for me - fresh and fruity adn it's nice to refresh yourself. But it stays on the body for max 1 minute which sucks. Well I will use it up anyway because it really smells heavenly but won't repurchase it again. 

So that is it for this weeks post. Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Hello girls!

I don't think I have ever done a post like this where I would just review one product. But right now I don't have any other new skincare product to review so lets just give this one a go today. Lets start!

I have been looking for a drugstore oil make up remover/cleanser for quite some time and I didn't find any so when I saw this one I had to have it :D 

It is from Balea so of course is quite cheap (around 3€) and I also really like a lot of their products so I had high expectations. 

description in Slovene


It's a oil fluid which you massage in dry or slightly wet skin and then remove with warm water (I don't find it hard to remove which is great). When you mix it with water it turns into a milky - creamy texture. 

I have combination skin (on forehead slightly oily and dry around my my mouth) and it doesn't make my skin more oily or anything like that. 

I really like this product because it removes all of my make up (eye and face make up), it washes off very quickly and it's also very gentle on the skin (it does sting my eyes a bit of I open them while using but otherwise it doesn't). 

I totally recommend this products to you because it does a great job at removing make up and it's cheap too. 

Hope you like this quick review and thank you for visiting my blog <3

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hello my beauty lovers!

Here is a parts 2 review of my Makeup Revolution haul that I posted about a month ago (I know it take me a while to do this post). If you haven't seen part 1 review you can check it out here, but now lets begin with this one!

PS: this two products Lič kindly send to me as a gift, especially to try them out and share with all of you. And my opinion is totally honest!

I <3 MAKEUP BLUSHING HEART - iced hearts

I don't wear blushes so I wasn't really excited when I saw this product but when I swatched it I noticed that is actually more of a highlight shade so I was happier all ready haha (plus the packaging is so cute). It is more of a pink-gold shade and very pigmented that's why I have to be very gentle when I apply it other wise it will be all over my face haha. It has quite a lot of shimmer in it so it is not a perfect highlight for me but I can still work with it anyway. 

If you like a shimmery highlight I do recommend it to you but I think that you can find better ones too (for example the one that I reviewed here). 

I <3 MAKEUP LIP LAVA - tremor

I got really excited when I saw this product because I have seen many great reviews and post about it but I don't get the hype. If my lips are just a little bit dry this just doesn't work because it gets into every fine line and makes my lips look ten times more dry than they really are. But when my lips are fine it looks great first five minutes and than it gets into fine lines and just disappeared on the middle of my lower lip. 
I tried wearing it a couple times but I just couldn't deal with it and also this colour doesn't suit me at all. 

I was so disappointed because I expected it to be great. Please tell me if you own this liquid lipstick and if you have the same opinion as I do :)

(right after applied)

(five minutes after applied - it looks even worse in person)

This is it for this post. Hope you liked it or found it useful and thank you for visiting my blog <3