Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Hello lovelies!!

This is a very exciting post for me because besides showing you my January favourites I'm also announcing the winner of my giveaway (scroll down to see). 
But lets start with the favourites first! 


I have used this two products all month and been really loving them. I all ready talked about them in my Essence haul (here) so you can read more about them there. 

ESSENCE LIPSTICK IN 16 (I am yours!) & 05 (cool nude)

If you follow my blog for some time you know I never wore lipsticks. But since I tried Essence ones I'm obsessed. They are great because they don't dry out my lips, are not heavy and are easy to apply. I have been wearing this two shades a lot this month. 

05 & 16

top=16   &   bottom=05

JESSUP 239 & 222 BRUSH

Absolutely love these brushes. I have been using them all the time since I got them. You can read more about them in my review here. Totally recommend them!

BODY&SOUL BODY BUTTER (Granatapfel & Cranberry)

I'm in love with this body butter. I have never used a body butter / lotion so much before. It makes my skin so soft and it smells amazing! And it also sink into the skin very quickly. Have to try more of this!


I saw this brush cleaning egg on Ebay and since it was only around 3€ I had to buy it. I washed all my brushes with it and it works great. I just put a little bit of soap on and move brushes around it for about a minute and it cleans them beautifully. It has a hole in it so you can hold it with only two fingers and is also easy to store and clean because it is small and made of rubber. Even though it is a small brush cleanser I can easily clean my big brushes on it too. You can check it out right here


This are the best cotton pads I have ever used. They are big and square and also very thick and that is what I love the most about them because they don't fall apart while using them. I'm totally going to repurchase them forever haha. 

And now.... the winner of my giveaway is... JASMINA from PASTEL PINK BLOG! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

Please leave me your address on my mail: and I will send you the prises in a couple days. 

PS: I picked the winner by writing names of all who participated on little papers and them mixed them in a box and pull one out so it was totally fair :D

Thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Yaaaay! Priznam, da sem vsak dan držala pesti, da zmagam. Se je splačalo. :)) Ti že pišem mail. Hvala xx

    1. Haha no pa se je le splačalo :D upam da ti bodo stvari všeč :)