Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello pretty ladies!

Today I felt like doing a simple but fun post. I love reading blog posts like this because I always find something new and interesting that will "help" me get through a season so I decided to show you my must haves for winter months. 

Tell me if you like posts like this and what is yours winter essential ?


As I told you all ready in my skincare post (right here) I'm obsessed with moisturising my skin during winter. 

My hands and lips get very dry and cracked so I always carry around HAND CREAM & LIP BALM and I also have them on my desk or next to my bed.

And I also try to moisturise my body as much as possible (I'm really lazy with that haha), especially my legs and arms (I love this Nivea one. It's great for very dry skin).


I only change one thing about my make up in the winter and that is my foundation. In the summer I prefer wearing BB creams or if I wear foundation it must be light and not matt like Bourjois healthy mix but in the winter I like a foundation that gives more coverage (due to my red nose and cheeks) and is slightly matt. L'oreal True Match and Max factor face finity 3 in 1 work great for me. 

And another think that I love to very especially during winter are dark, red and sparkly nail polishes. (Catrice is have some really good ones right now). 


I love me some soft, thick scarfs and jumpers/cardigans that keep me warm during winter. All of the items below are form H&M (yes I'm obsessed haha). 


Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea... that is all I can say haha. I love to drink to all year but in the winter I drink a ton of it. I especially love green tea as you can see :D

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

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