Saturday, 27 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #4

Hello girls!

Here I have the last nail post for my NOTD Christmas edition posts and probably also the last NOTD of this year.
I think this are really nice nails that look great for Christmas and also for new year party because they are red, gold and very glittery.

I used Essence - Redvolution and Catrice - Two Million dollar baby.

Hope you like this nail look and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Friday, 26 December 2014


Hello lovelies!

Holidays just came and for me that means relaxation by the fire place, eating good food, watching Christmas movies... in one word being lazy haha. So I think that this post is perfect for today.


I don't really have a routine haha. In the morning I just wash my face with cold water and use moisturiser and in the evenings I clean my face with some make up remover wipes and use a toner. 


Well if I stay at home I don't wear any make up, but if I go out I just use BB cream or sometimes just primer, concealer, mascara and a brow product. 


A bun 100%! :D


Comfy sweater (probably Christmas one), leggings and some warm, cosy socks. 


Home made Christmas cookies for sure. My mum and I do really cute little cookies with jam in the middle. Very delicious :D


I usually drink tea but sometimes I like to spoil myself with a cup of cacao with whipped cream on top :D  

Hope you like this simple post and thanks for visiting my blog <3

PS: I just reached 50 follower!!! So excited and thankful for you!! <3 
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Monday, 22 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #3

Hey girls!

Today is another simple NOTD post. As you can see from my previous posts I don't do any complicated and special nails because I'm no artist haha I just like to show you which nail polishes I like and how I pair them together :)

I think that this two nail polishes that I used look great together. Essence - 02 We love winter holidays! reminds me of a Christmas tree and Catrice - 42 Nickle Minaj of lights and Christmas decoration. 

Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello pretty ladies!

Today I felt like doing a simple but fun post. I love reading blog posts like this because I always find something new and interesting that will "help" me get through a season so I decided to show you my must haves for winter months. 

Tell me if you like posts like this and what is yours winter essential ?


As I told you all ready in my skincare post (right here) I'm obsessed with moisturising my skin during winter. 

My hands and lips get very dry and cracked so I always carry around HAND CREAM & LIP BALM and I also have them on my desk or next to my bed.

And I also try to moisturise my body as much as possible (I'm really lazy with that haha), especially my legs and arms (I love this Nivea one. It's great for very dry skin).


I only change one thing about my make up in the winter and that is my foundation. In the summer I prefer wearing BB creams or if I wear foundation it must be light and not matt like Bourjois healthy mix but in the winter I like a foundation that gives more coverage (due to my red nose and cheeks) and is slightly matt. L'oreal True Match and Max factor face finity 3 in 1 work great for me. 

And another think that I love to very especially during winter are dark, red and sparkly nail polishes. (Catrice is have some really good ones right now). 


I love me some soft, thick scarfs and jumpers/cardigans that keep me warm during winter. All of the items below are form H&M (yes I'm obsessed haha). 


Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea... that is all I can say haha. I love to drink to all year but in the winter I drink a ton of it. I especially love green tea as you can see :D

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

Saturday, 13 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #2

Hello guys!

Today I'm doing my #2 nail of the day for December.
I really like this two nail polishes together. I think they look very festive and Christmasy :D

I used a white Essence nail polish called 199 wild white ways which I just bought a couple days ago but I really like it all ready and the silver/bronze shimmery nail polish is Catrice - 24 The glamoureX Factor.

Hope you like this quick post and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hello lovelies!

I know I promised the last post of my autumn series quite some time ago but I just didn't find the time to do :( . But here it is the last part of my series where I will tell you more about my skincare in colder months (autumn & winter). Lets start!


This is the most important and essential step in my routine when the weather gets colder. My skin is normal in warmer months but gets quite dry around my nose and lips in autumn and winter so a good moisturiser is a must for me. I use NIVEA AQUA EFFECT DAILY CREAM at night because is quite thick and doesn't sink into skin very quickly that's why I don't use it in the morning because is not  the best base for make up. And in the mornings I started using BALEA HYDRATING SERUM and so far I like it a lot. Sinks into my skin quickly and makes it very smooth.


Because I have some dry patches on my skin I really had to clean it so that it doesn't get irritated. 

In the evenings I remove make up with my trusted and well loved NIVEA CREAM EYE MAKE UP REMOVER (I ran out of it yesterday and thrown it away so you can see it here) and LOREAL HYDRA ACTIVE 3 which work great for me as well. 
And then CLEAN&CLEAR DEEP ACTION CREAM WASH which really makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed.

And in the morning I use CLEAN&CLEAR DEEP ACTION REFRESHING GEL CLEANSER  which makes my face look more awake and fresh and CLEAN&CLEAR BLACKHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER  which is great for removing blackheads. 

*you can read more about my Clean&Clear products in my Clean&Clear products review post (here).


I use hydrating and deep cleaning masks. I love AVON HEAVENLY HYDRATION for hydration and AVON PERFECTLY PURIFYING for cleaning.. They are both  very cheap but also very good. 

And that is it for my routine. Tell me which step is essential in your skincare routine and thank you for visiting my blog <3

Friday, 5 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #1

Hey guys!

Because the holidays are around the corner I decided to do a little "Christmas nails" posts once every week in December and this one is the first. They are all going to be related to Christmas, lights, shimmer... :D

Tell me if your are excited for holidays to and which is your favourite colour for that time of the year? :)

This is just a simple shimmery Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter nail polish. It's silver and pink and purple and great of that time of the year.

Thank you for visiting my blog!