Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hello guys!

Today I decided to do a post that I haven't seen on a blog before but is very popular on YouTube. As you can see in the title I will show you what I carry around in my bag on daily basis (when I go to classes or just around town). Maybe some of you don't like these posts but I think they are really fun and great for us nosey girls who want to now what girls are hiding in their bags haha :D

Lets start!

Of course I have to carry around some essential beauty products with me even if I only go out for an hour haha. 


This is a must have especially for the colder months because my hands get really dry and sometimes also cracked. I really like section in DM or Muller where they sell mini products and that is where I found this little Balea Kamill hand & nail cream which is very nice. 


I have to carry with me a brown setting products because they never stay in place for a long time. This one is my new obsession and I will tell you more about it in my October favourites post ;)


I can just say: can't live without them when I'm out and about haha :D


I always have some plasters in my bag especially when I wear ballet flats. This Compeed ones are amazing! I recommend them to all of you girls who have problems with getting blisters while wearing flats. 

Besides beauty products I also carry around my sunglasses and I think that they are an essential all over the year. Mine are from H&M and the case is from C&A (they have some really cute ones and they are very compact and cost only 5€). 

And my two planners are always with me on a go. The big one I use for my college things and the small one of course for my blog. I got the big one on Unikatni koledarčki on Facebook and the small one in a grocery store.

That's all that I have in my bag besides college things like note books and pencils, my phone and wallet. Hope you like this posts and you found some things that you don't but need to have in your bag :D

Oh.. and my bag is for ASOS but I don't think they sell it any more :(

Thank you for visiting my blog  <3 


  1. Ful mi je všeč torbica :) jaz sem tudi razmišljala da bi naredila podobno objavo, ampak imam vse tako nametano v torbici da se že sama skoraj ne znajdem več :P

    1. haha ja js sm jo tudi morala malo "pospravit" da sem ugotovila kaj uporabnega imam sploh notri :D

  2. Super post! :)
    Obožujem take videe in tudi v obliki posta izgledajo super!

  3. Niti nimaš tako veliko stvari v torbici :) Jaz mam nametane vse potreben in nepotrebne zadeve.. Pa zadeve, ki jih bom mogoče rabila :)) pa če dodam še kako vodo, pa planer, je pa torba tako težka, da me bo nekaj urah kar rama boli :S