Sunday, 12 October 2014


Hello girls!

As I mentioned in my previous Autumn series post today I'm doing the second part of it. I will be talking about my favourite eye products and looks. Lets start!


1. MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO  ( metallic pomegranate )

This is a beautiful burgundy/berry shimmery cream eyeshadow but it is a little bit to sheer for me to wear it on it's own but as a base I love it. When I want just a little bit of red tones on my eyes I use this one as a base and on top I usually apply a matt brown eyeshadow and it looks very pretty. It is also very long lasting. 

2. CATRICE VELVET MATT   ( al burgundy)

This is such a gorgeous deep plum/burgundy eyeshadow. It's very pigmented but has quite a lot of fall outs that's why I always do my eye make up first when using it. I love to use to do a line on my upper lash line for day time and all over my eyelid for night time. 

3. ESSENCE COOKIES & CREAM   (last night a cookie saved my life) 

This one is great for every day. It's a brown eyeshadow with some red tones in it. It's great as a all over the eyelid colour and also for the crease or on lover lash line. I use this one quite a lot because it looks great with only mascara and some brow bone highlight. It's very pigmented and has no fall outs. 

4. MUA PALLET (undress me too)

This pallet is great for all seasons but it has some shades that are perfect for Autumn. I really like DEVOTION (shimmery gold ), FIERY (shimmery copper/orange), WINK (shimmery metallic brown/taupe) and DREAMY (shimmery brown).
This shades are all very pigmented, easy to apply and blend and also long lasting. 

(from top to bottom: wink, dreamy, fiery, devotion)

5. I <3 MAKE UP (go to heaven)

I think that this pallet is also appropriate for all seasons that's why it also has shades that are great for this time of the year. This pallet doesn't have names for the shades so you can see on picture below how my favourite eyeshadows look. 


1. AVON DUO EYE PENCIL (black and brown)

I figured out that I only use eye pencils in autumn and winter because in that time of the year I tend to do darker eye make up looks. I really like to use black and also brown pencil on my top and lower lash line and I usually smudge it out with matt eyeshadow. I really like this Avon one. It is nicely pigmented, easy to apply, not too creamy and very cheap. And it is double ended which is great too. 

 Hope you liked this post and if you want the see the last part of my Autumn series keep an eye on my blog because it is coming soon. 

Thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Še en super post! Zdaj ko berem beauty bloge in ga imam tudi sama se veliko bolj veselim jeseni :)

    Upam da bo naslednji post o izdelkih za ustnice ;)


    1. O hvala :D glede izdelkov za ustnice te moram pa žal razočarati saj jih ne uporabljam :/ čepav razmišljam da bi si letos pa le kupila eno temnejšo šminko :)

    2. Škoda :(
      No, taka vrsta objav mi je definitivno super všeč :)
      Lep in blag malce temnejši odtenek sta Labello Pomegranate (ki ga sicer dobiš v Italiji) in pa Češnja, pa tudi Cherry me od baby Lips, ampak ti so taki res komaj opazni ;)

  2. Lepa izbira barv :) vse tako hvalite metallic pomegranate da je že skrajni čas da si jo privoščim :)

    1. haha ja je res super, čeprav ni tako pigmentirana kot na primer on and on bronze;)