Friday, 26 September 2014


Hello girls!

I bought quite some things this month because I'm moving to Ljubljana on Monday. I'm quite excited to go but also a little bit scared because this is going to be my first time living away from my parents. Well I will be coming home every weekend but I will be mostly away. But that is not what I will be talking about in this blog post haha so lets move to the products. I also bought some other things but I decided to show you the most interesting ones. 

 Some of the products I haven't used yet so I can't tell you if they are good or not, but I will make sure that I review them ;)

Oh and did you noticed my new background :D I decided to change it because I got bored of the pink one and I have to say that I really really like this one and I'm probably going to stick to this one for a long time.



I heard a lot of good things about the Clean & clear products but I never tried them before. I really want a change in my skincare routine because I'm a little bit bored of what I'm using now so I decided to try this ones.

I bought the on and I can just say that I'm really happy with their service. The package came in 4 days and all the products were well protected.  Every thing on the products is written in Polish or Czech but I got a bill kind of paper where everything about the products is written in Slovene.

First is the DEEP ACTION CREAM WASH. It is oil-free and claims to clean down to the pores for really clean skin. And it also says that is good for removing make-up.

The other product from Clean & clear is DEEP ACTION REFRESHING GEL CLEANSER. This one is also oil-free and it also cleans deep down to the pores, cool and refreshing tingle. 
And it comes whit a pump which is very practical. 

The last product from this brand is BLACKHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER. It is also oil-free and claims to see results from 1 day, helps clear and prevent blackheads.


Lately I have been really into using masks and since the weather is getting colder I had to buy some because my skin gets quite dry and weird in that time of the year. 

I also bought this two on

The first one is the AVON PLANET SPA PERFECTLY PURIFYING FACE MASK WITH DEAD SEA MINERALS. I never had a mask like this (only hydrating ones)  so I had to buy this one. I haven't tried it yet but when I do I will definitely do a review. 

And the other one is NIVEA AQUA EFFECT NOURISHING HONEY MASK for dry skin. I really like all of the Nivea aqua effect product so I hope I will like this one to. I have dry skin and I know that in cold months my skin will need some nourishing.


First one is my holly grail  NIVEA WATERPROOF EYE MAKE UP REMOVER. I went through 4 bottles of this product already and I'm still loving it. It is a cream formula and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I apply it on my finger and just gently rub it into my eye area. It removes all of my eye make up, concealer and brow products. Recommend to all of you!

And for removing my face make up I bought LOREAL PARIS HYDRA ACTIVE 3 MICELLAR SOLUTION. I went trough one bottle of this product already and I really liked it but than I bought Garnier one because I heard a lot of good things about it. But I must say that I like this one a little bit more because it's better at removing my make up so I decided to try it out again.

For my lazy days I bought NIVEA AQUA EFFECT REFRESHING CLEANSING WIPES. I love this ones and I went trough a lot of them already. They remove make up really well and don't irritate my skin at all.


I have been using NIVEA AQUA EFFECT NOURISHING DAY CREAM for normal to mixed skin for a long time and I really liked it but lately my skin has been quite dry so I decided to buy the same one but just for dry and sensitive skin.



I have been using Garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner for a very long time. I love them but I just wanted some change so I bought HERBAL ESSENCES HELLO HYDRATION SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR. I haven't tried them yet but I love the smell. It is a little bit hard to open but I can work with it. 


Who doesn't need a hand cream in cold months? I know I do. I really like this NIVEA PURE & NATURAL one. It smells great, sinks into skin very fast and it is not sticky or greasy. 

If you follow my blog you know how i love Essence nail polish remover in a pot but they didn't have it in the store so I grabbed this EBELIN ACETONE FREE one. I haven't tried it yet but I think it's going to be just as good as Essence.


When I read stress on this GARNIER MINERAL ACTION CONTROL ROLL ON I had to have it haha. I know that my first days at university are going to be quite stressful so this will come in very handy + it smells amazing. 


Since I was at the drugstore I had to buy some make up products as well of course. I occupied Catrice counter and I bought two of their eyeshadows and nail polishes. 

I have never tried this eyeshadow and I must say that I will be buying more because I love them. They are very pigmented and have no fall outs plus the packaging is very nice. I got the shades:

- 560 I like to mauve it

- 400 My first copperware party


I love Catrice nail polishes and I have quite a lot of them. They are very pigmented, easy to apply, don't dry in a bottle for a very very long time and the names are super cute. The dark red one is called 25 Robert's red ford and dark purple one is called 38 Vino tinto.

And that is it for this blog post, hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Super nakup!
    Zelo rada bi slišala review ali mnenje o Clean&Clear izdelkih saj sem že mnogo slišala o njih. Pa tudi kako se kaj držijo Herbal Essence izdelki :)

    1. bom naredila review po parih tednih da vidim če so uredu ;)

  2. Super izbira izdelkov :) upam da se boš imela fino v Ljubljani :) predvidevam da greš na fax, tako da kar zagrabi študentsko življenje z veliko žlico, to so najlepša leta :D

    1. haha hvala za nasvet :D in pa ja tudi jaz upam isto :D