Sunday, 14 September 2014


Hello girls!

I know I'm a little bit late with this post but I didn't know if i should do it because I haven't worn a lot of make up lately and I don't have many beauty favourites.
But I decided to show you some other things that I've been loving this month s
o lets start!


I only have four beauty favourites. 

I have been loving the MUA MATTE  and I <3 MAKE UP GO TO HEAVEN palettes. They are both really pigmented, blendable, long lasting and have minimum fall outs. 

I love to mix shades Unwrap & Bare for  brow bone, Fade & Chino for  crease and Truffle & Smoke for upper or lover lash line (from MUA palette). 

And I love all shimmery shades from I <3 MAKE UP pallet. They are so buttery and really have no fall outs.

I have been using RIMMEL FIX AND PERFECT primer a lot this month also when I didn't wear any make up because it makes my skin very smooth and makes skin tone more even.

And my last beauty favourite is MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL GO EXTREME! VOLUM' mascara. I bought this mascara a long time ago but it was to wet for me and I hate wet mascaras because they stick my lashes together and just make a horrible mess. But now that I ran out of my Maybelline rocket mascara I had to use this one and I really liked it. It makes my lashes very long. It still doesn't beat my rocket or one by one mascara but it came close :D 

mascara                            no mascara


I have been loving this green tea with spearmint. I usually drink pure green tea but this one is better. It is more refreshing and it smells incredible. I think that all mint lovers like me will love this one. 

And another slightly less healthy obsession of mine is chocolate milk. I especially love this one from Ljubljanske mlekarne (probably because you get whole litter haha). 


I have 4 clothing favourites to share with you. 

First are these jeans that I bought in C&A for only 7€.

These two necklaces I wore a lot not only in August but whole summer. First one is from Sheinside and the other one is from Tally Weijl. 

This two are probably quite TMI haha :D But I love this strapless bras from H&M. I love to wear them with see through shirt and sleeveless tops. They just make tops look more put together and nice. 


And my last but not lease favourite is this adorable dream catcher that I bought in Celje. I just think it is so cute and makes my room a little bit more interesting and decorated. 

Hope you like this post and thanks for visiting my blog <3


  1. Čudovite kavbojke, maskara mi je zelo všeč :)

  2. kavbojke zgledajo super :) v C&A sicer ne grem velikokrat, a se vseeno kdaj najde kaj lušnega

  3. Vidim da je tvoja matt paletka ljubljena tako kot moja :D Dream catcher je ful simpatičn :)

    1. haha ja res je :D glede na to da je edina matt paletka po taki ceni jo kr dobro čuvam :D

  4. Wow, you have such beautiful eyes, you're gorgeous carina!