Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hello girls!

Today I decided to do a review of the new Essence lipglosses that I shown you in my New in July blog post. I'm not a big "lip products" wearer but I really like this ones. So lets start!

(from top down: very berry, I love pink, nude mood)

It says on the product that this is a long lasting and caring lipgloss with mirror shine finish and I think this is so true. They are definitely long lasting!  

What I like the most about them is that they are a little bit sticky and that is why they don't slip off of my lips if I lick them or if I drink/eat.
Some of you may not like them because of the stickiness but it doesn't bother me (my mum likes that about them too). 

And another thing that I like a lot about them is that they are very pigmented (especially the darker shades). Lighter shades are also pigmented but since I have quite dark lips naturally they don't show as much as the dark ones on me. 

And they are also shiny and smell nice and the applicator is really good too. 

(from left to right: I love pink, very berry, nude mood)

*they also sell matt ones

This is all for this review. Tell me if you have any and if you like them ;)

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Super napisano, tudi jaz imam rada da so bolj "sticky" ker imam bolj suhe ustnice, moram pa nujno poskusiti matt videz :)

  2. Ja jaz moram tudi sprobat tudi tiste matt :D Majo tudi kar veliko odtenkov ;)

  3. Lepi odtenki :) summerish!