Friday, 11 July 2014


Hello girls!

Yesterday I went in Muller just to buy some things that I needed and I saw this beautiful Essence pastel blue nail polish called If I were a boy so I decided to do a quick post to show it to you. I couldn't resist buying it because I don't own any nail polish like this one and it was only 1.69€

I always apply two coats of nail polish but with this one I only needed one coat and it looked great. 

(yes my manicure is not the best haha)

Hope you like this quick post and thanks for reading.  :)


  1. lepa barva laka :)

  2. Lepa barva laka, pa super da rabi samo eno plast :)

  3. Lep lakec, si me sedj spomnila da imam enega podobnega in bi si lahko z njim nalakirala nohte :)