Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ESSENCE EFFECT EYESHADOW REVIEW (shade 02 brazil's sunset)

Hello girls!

As I said in my previous blog post (new in July) I'm going to do a review of a new Essence effect eyeshadow. I only picked up one because I didn't know if they are good or bad but there are more very beautiful shades. 
Lets start with the review. 


Eyeshadow comes in a very cute silver tube packaging and it has a small hole on the top where the product comes out. It is actually very clever that the hole is small so you don't use too much product because you only need very little to create a beautiful make up look. 
I really like the packaging because is something special for an eyeshadow. 


The product comes out as a liquid and it also apply as one (it doesn't become powdery after applied). It is in a very beautiful shimmery metallic shade which I love. As I said you only need a little amount of the product to create an eye make up look. 
Before applying this eyeshadow I used Essence I love stage eyelid primer and I must say that this two product work great together.
The eyeshadow didn't set into fine lines on my eyelid and it stayed on for a long time (3-4 hours) without touching it up. Nevertheless I don't think that it will stay on all day but it is great for a nigh time. 

And it also drys quite quickly. 


(It is more metallic than it looks on my eye)

(I also use MUA matt palette just to blend it out and on my lash line)


I really really like this eyeshadow and I will buy more of them soon. I think that it looks very nice and metallic and it is great for a night out or for a date. It is quite an intense colour so I wouldn't wear it on a daily basis because I like more natural looks during the day. 

Hope you like this review and tell me if you have it and if you like it too ;)

Thanks for reading <3


  1. WaW lepa barva :D

  2. Jaz sem eno izmed teh senčil najprej opazila na blogu Sare (Passing Fancy) in me je takoj navdušilo, ko sem videla, kako izgleda na očeh, ampak še takrat ni bilo na voljo pri nas. :) Bom pa ga verjetno v kratkem kupila in sicer mi je najbolj všeč 'Sarin' odtenek, UK`s Stonehenge. <3
    Mi je pa všeč tudi ta odtenek, tale zadnja kombinacija je zelo všečna.

    1. Ja js si tud moram kupit še kašen odtenek :)

  3. Super review :) sem si jih ogledovala že nekaj časa pa nisem vedela kakšna je kaj kvaliteta. Mislim da se bo gotovo kakšna znašla v mojem make up predalu :D

    1. Res so super ;) tudi sama nisem pricakovala take kvalitete .. Ampak se super nanasajo in so zelo obstojne :)