Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello lovelies!

I was in Muller last week and I bought some new nail polishes that I want to show you. My favourite nail polish brands from Muller are Catrice and Essence because they are great for their price and they also have a big colour selection. 

I picked up three Catrice and two Essence nail polishes and also Essence nail polish remover. 

And I also ordered one Barry M nail polish from Lič


They are both very beautiful but my favourite is the mint one called That's what I mint. The other one is also very cute but I guess I'm just not that into blue nail polishes (this one is called The boy next door). 

This nail polishes are around 1,50€. 

This nail polish remover is great!! It removes polish very quickly and you don't need any cotton pad. It is only around 3€ and I recommend it to all of you girls.


I love Catrice nail polishes. They are so easy to apply, long lasting and very pigmented. They are probably my favourite nail polishes ever. 

They cost around 2€. 

The green one is called I see you, pink one Just married and the gold glittered nail polish Two million dollar baby. 


This is a very beautiful glittery nail polish. It is very well pigmented but it's not very long lasting (only 2-3 days) and also very hard to remove. 
It is in the colour Pink silver glitter and it costs around 4€. 

That is all for this post. Hope you like it. 

Tell me in comments which is your favourite Essence or Catrice or Barry M nail polish ;)

Thanks for reading!!

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