Friday, 6 June 2014



I never used to have a skin care routin because I don't really have a bad skin. But since I'm reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos I become obsessed whit cleaning my skin because if you have good skin without blemishes it doesn't mean that it's clean. 

I clean my skin in the morning and in the evening but because in the morning I only use one product I decided to do a night time skin care routin. So lets start!

At first I remove my make up (how I do it you can read in my last post). Than I use my Garnier cleansing gel and a little "brush" that look like a big tooth brush. I started using this brush two months ago and it changed my skin a lot. I can feel that my skin is a lot cleaner when I use it. But I don't use it every day because my skin is quite sensitive (only three or four times a week). 

You can buy this "brush" in Muller for only about 2€.

After cleansing my skin only once a week I put a mask on my face. I use an Avon hydrating mask.
It costs around 8€.

Than I always use toner and I think that it just refreshes my face. I use Nivea one for dry to sensitive skin. 

When I'm done with cleansing my skin I put my "night" cream on. It's not really for the night time but I like to use it than because is quite thick and it hydrate my skin very well. After applying cream I use Garnier roll on for dark eye circles, because mine are very bad. And of course I also use lip balm and I'm currently using the Labello one with honey and milk and I really like it. 

PS: sometimes I also use Nivea stripes against black heads but I will not be repourchasing this because I don't think they do anything (you can see them in a picture above).

And there is me cleansing my skin haha :D

And please comment if you use any of this products or which is your favourite cleansing product ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Razmišljam, da bi si kupila tisto ščetko za obraz, ker praviš, da ti pomaga:) sploh, če je samo 2 € :)
    luškan blog!