Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello ladys!

Yes I have been shopping and doing damage to my wallet again. I love to read haul posts so I decided to do one myself. So let me show you what I bought.


I bought this two lovely Essence polishes because they are in such a beautiful bright colour, which are great for summer. I have all ready try them on and they are great. So easy to apply and only two coats needed. 

Naughty and pink!


I couldn't resist another Maybelline colour tattoo because it was on sale for 25% off (in Muller). I picked up this Burgundy coloured one. 

Metallic pomegranet

I also picked up this beautiful Essence eye shadow. It is not shimmery which is great, because I think that is really hard to find nice, matte eye shadow in Muller or Dm. 

Last night a cookie saved my life

And because I ran out of my old powder I picked out this Essence one. I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you if it is good or not. 


I bought three shirts, because I don't have so many summery tops so I really needed some. The blue-creamy striped one is from H&M  and it cost around 15€ and the white and white-red one are from New Yorker and they were both around 12€. 

And I also bought these sunglassess from H&M and they were 7€. 

That is all form this post. Tell me in the comments if you have any of this things. 

Thanks for reading ;) 

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  1. prvi lakec je ful fajni. :))
    drugače imam pa jaz tudi tale odtenek Colour Tattooja. :) mi je pa žal, da nisem kupila Essence Last night a cookie saved my life senčila, takrat, ko še je bilo na voljo (imam zadnje čase zelo rada zemljske tone).

  2. Ja colour tattooji so super. Js si ze dva nova ogledujem :)
    Ja sencka je res zelo lepa ;) v mojem mullerju je bila zadnja tako da sm jo sm hitr pograbila :D