Friday, 6 June 2014


Hello girls!

I was always having a hard time finding some good make up removers that would work very well and remove waterproof make up too. But I finnaly found two very good ones and I recomed them to you all, girls with oily or dry skin. 

Before I start removing my make up I always splash my face with some water because I find it easier to remove it when my face is wet.  

Then I use my Nivea waterproof eye make up remover. I used to put it on a cotton pad but now I just put it on my fingers and massage it in. I think that using it with my fingers removes make up faster and better and I don't need to use cotton pads which is great. 

It costs around 5€. 

Then I remove my face make up and for that I use Garnier micellar cleansing water. Some people think it doesn't work well but I think it is great. it removes all my make up. I put it on a square cotton pad and massage it in my skin.

It costs around 5€ too.   

After I remove my make up I also use other products. If you are interested what I use check out my next blog post that will be on soon.  

PS: sorry for bad pictures. The lighting in my house is the worst. 

Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks!


  1. Garnier micelarna<3
    moj najljubši odstranjevalec makeupa! :)) jaz jo uporabljam kar za celoten obraz, še posebej mi je všeč, da mi ne draži mojih občutljivih oči, tako kot večina micelarnih vodic (L'orealova npr.). :) definitivno je več ne menjam.