Friday, 13 June 2014


Hey girls!!

Today I decided to write a post about my hair care routin. Lets start.

First I just want to tell you that I have long brown tick hair. Because my hair is really messy and frizzy I iron it every time I wash it and also in between. That is why my hair is also quite dry and damaged.

I use Garnier shampoo, conditioner and mask and they work great for me. I washmy hair twice a week (because I don't have really greasy hair). I first applay my shampoo twice and than conditioner or mask (usually I applay conditioner once a week and mask once a week). 

After my hair is clean, towel-dried and brushed out I applay my Gliss hair repair and this just make my hair so soft and silky. 

I normally leave my hair drying over night and in the morning I brush them (of course) and iron them (I use Syoss heat protect spray). After I'm done with ironingI spray some got2b stayling spray. This spray is awesome. It makes my hair so shiny, smoothe and frizz free. And I also apply Avon daily shine serum on the end of my hair so they don't look so dry. I would recommend this serum to everybody whit dry ends because it makes them look nice and shiny. 

That is all for my hair care routin. Hope you like it. 

Thanks for reading.

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