Friday, 6 June 2014


Hello ladys!

I love to read this kind of blog posts because I can find some new, cool products to include in my make up collection. So I decided to do one to. Let me show you which products I use for my every day make up routine (products that I use are always changing but lately I have been loving this ones). 


At first I always use my daily cream (I use Nivea aqua effect daily cream), than sometimes if I will be wearing make up all day I also use primer. I love the Rimmel fix and perfect one. Then I use my Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. I love this foundation especially when my skin is dry. If you have oil skin I wouldn't recommend it to you but for other skin types it is amazing. And because I have very big, dark circles under my eyes I have to use concealer. I love Revlon colorstay one. I have tried a lot of concealer before but this one really covers great. I always set my concealer and sometimes my foundation too. I use my Manhattan soft powder (this one is really old and I need a new one. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment belowe). And when I want to look extra bronzed and have a nice glow I use my sleek conture kit - it is amazing!

 Sleek contour kit swatch


I think that a pair of nice brows totally frames your face nicely. That is why I alawys fill them a little bit. For that I use Essence brow kit and to set them I use Catrice lash brow mascara. 


I love to experiment with eye shadows that is why the pallets that I'm using are always changing. But when I want nice natural eye look I love to use my MUA heaven and earth pallet and my Alverde chocolate smaller pallet. And when I'm in a hurry but still want something on my eyelids I use Maybelline colour tattoo in on and one bronze. And to make my lashes pop I use Maybelline rocket mascara which is my absolute favourite.

Some swatches of the MUA heaven and earth pallet

Swatch of the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and one bronze

Because I'm always biting or licking my lips I rearly wear lipstick or lip gloss. 

So that is it for my make up routine. Comment what is one essential product in your make up routine ;)

Thanks for reading!!  <3


  1. super objava. :)
    mislim, da je že čas, da se končno spravim k nakupu te Sleek 'contour' paletke, ker jo mam že dolgo na wishlisti. :)
    pa tale MUA paletka je tako lepa, bi jo takoj kupila, a mam toliko drugih senčil že. :/
    On an on bronze imam jaz tudi in je super za vsakdanji makeup, samo ga zadnje čase malo zanemarjam.:D

    1. Ja js jih mam tudi ze pouno pa sebjim se kr ne morem upret haha :D

  2. The Rocket je res zakon, pa te MUA senčke so tudi super za svojo ceno :) Za setting powder pa sprobaj Rimmel Stay Matte ali pa Essence All about matte in Alverde Kompaktpuder sta tudi vredu :)

    1. Oo hvala za predloge ;) bom zagotovo sprobala enega ;)

  3. So tempted to get the Sleek Conture Kit,
    Have followed and would mean a lot if you could do the same? Thankyou! x

    1. You should totally it because it's great :D i'm all ready following you ;)

  4. Very nice routine! What a lovely palette!

  5. It all looks so nice.

    How about following each other? Let me know & I follow right back!


  6. Love the blog! I have wanted on and on bronze for a while, i might have to get it!
    I just followed and would be so good if you could do the same! x

  7. You should get it , it's great ;) following you ;)