Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hello girls!

I can't believe that June is all ready over, it passed so quickly. But I'm kind of happy for that because it wasn't the most pleasant month for me because of the end of high school exams (matura happened). 

Even thought I had to study a lot I still didn't forget about all the things that I have been loving through June and that I would love to share with you. So lets start. 


I have been using this wipes for ever. They are great for removing make up (I only use one and remove all of my face and eye make up) and they are also nice to use in the summer time just to refresh yourself especially if you have oily skin. 

You can buy this in any grocery store, Muller or Dm for around 5€ (the price is the only downside of this wipes for me). 
I will totally repurchase them again. 


I love this tumbler glass. It is great for carry around water or any other drink. 

I bought it in Leclerc for around 5€. 


This shower gel is by far my favourite! It is so refreshing and it smells so fresh. Perfect for summer. Fa shower gels are my favourite because are not to thick like Dove or Palmolive ones.

I bought this one in Muller for around 2€. 


All the girls who like to paint your nails like I do (probably two to three times a week) need this. I already talked about this product in one of my older blog posts so you can read more about it there. 

I bought it in Muller for around 3€. 


This lip balm smells so good and it's just great. Makes my lips so soft and hydrated. Definitely one of my favourite lip balms so far. 

Bought it in grocery store for around 2€. 


I use this hand cream before I go to bed because it doesn't sink into skin very quickly and that is also the only downside of this product for me. Makes my hands soft, smoother and hydrated. 

Bought it in Muller for around 3€. 


When I bought this I didn't really expect it to work but it is actually pretty great. It doesn't erase my dark circles but it makes them less intense if that makes any sense haha.. I was really pleasantly surprised whit it. 

I bought it Dm for around 8€. 


My last favourite is not a particular product. I have been loving all kinds of brights polishes. I think they look really nice in the summer time, especially with a little bit of tan. 

This ones one picture are from Essence, Avon and Deborah Milano. 

Tell me which is your favourite product of the June ;)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hello ladys!

Since I have been using and testing Garnier and Rimmel primers I decided to do review and comparison of this two primers. Lets start!


This one is smoothing perfecting primer and it costs around 10€. You can buy it in any bigger grocery store or in DM or Muller. 

The colour of the primer is pink but it doesn't show pink on the skin. It has more of a powdery texture.


+ makes skin smoother and soft
+ doesn't have any smell 
+ make up stays longer
+ can buy it in Slovenia
+ makes skin very matt


- a little bit to powdery for my taste (it takes longer to blend foundation)
- doesn't really hide pores and fine lines
- not so cheap


This primer claims to smoother, resurface, brighten, mattifie and protect skin. Well not all of that is true but I think that this primer is better than Garnier one. I bought this one on ASOS and it was around 6€. 


+ smooths and brightens skin
+ it has a really nice smell
+ is more creamy/liquidy (foundation blends really nice)
+ make up stays longer
+ mattifying
+ cheap


- can't buy in Slovenia
- doesn't hide pores totally

Over all I recommend Rimmel primer over Garnier one. It works better for me and it is also cheaper. 

Hope you like the review. Comment if you use any of this primers and how it works for you.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hello girls!

I was just playing with my nail polishes yesterday so I decided to show you what I used and did. 


Essence nail file (this one is great; it has 4 sides so you can really shape and polish your nails)

Avon cuticle oil (it softens your cuticle so you can easily push it down a little bit)

Avon base coat (this one also toughen your nails and prevent them from peeling)

Avon asap pink nail polish (beautiful pastel pink colour)

Avon serene nail polish (darker mint colour) 


Hope you like it and thanks for reading ;)

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Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello ladys!

Yes I have been shopping and doing damage to my wallet again. I love to read haul posts so I decided to do one myself. So let me show you what I bought.


I bought this two lovely Essence polishes because they are in such a beautiful bright colour, which are great for summer. I have all ready try them on and they are great. So easy to apply and only two coats needed. 

Naughty and pink!


I couldn't resist another Maybelline colour tattoo because it was on sale for 25% off (in Muller). I picked up this Burgundy coloured one. 

Metallic pomegranet

I also picked up this beautiful Essence eye shadow. It is not shimmery which is great, because I think that is really hard to find nice, matte eye shadow in Muller or Dm. 

Last night a cookie saved my life

And because I ran out of my old powder I picked out this Essence one. I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you if it is good or not. 


I bought three shirts, because I don't have so many summery tops so I really needed some. The blue-creamy striped one is from H&M  and it cost around 15€ and the white and white-red one are from New Yorker and they were both around 12€. 

And I also bought these sunglassess from H&M and they were 7€. 

That is all form this post. Tell me in the comments if you have any of this things. 

Thanks for reading ;) 

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Hey girls!!

Today I decided to write a post about my hair care routin. Lets start.

First I just want to tell you that I have long brown tick hair. Because my hair is really messy and frizzy I iron it every time I wash it and also in between. That is why my hair is also quite dry and damaged.

I use Garnier shampoo, conditioner and mask and they work great for me. I washmy hair twice a week (because I don't have really greasy hair). I first applay my shampoo twice and than conditioner or mask (usually I applay conditioner once a week and mask once a week). 

After my hair is clean, towel-dried and brushed out I applay my Gliss hair repair and this just make my hair so soft and silky. 

I normally leave my hair drying over night and in the morning I brush them (of course) and iron them (I use Syoss heat protect spray). After I'm done with ironingI spray some got2b stayling spray. This spray is awesome. It makes my hair so shiny, smoothe and frizz free. And I also apply Avon daily shine serum on the end of my hair so they don't look so dry. I would recommend this serum to everybody whit dry ends because it makes them look nice and shiny. 

That is all for my hair care routin. Hope you like it. 

Thanks for reading.


Hello lovelies!

I was in Muller last week and I bought some new nail polishes that I want to show you. My favourite nail polish brands from Muller are Catrice and Essence because they are great for their price and they also have a big colour selection. 

I picked up three Catrice and two Essence nail polishes and also Essence nail polish remover. 

And I also ordered one Barry M nail polish from Lič


They are both very beautiful but my favourite is the mint one called That's what I mint. The other one is also very cute but I guess I'm just not that into blue nail polishes (this one is called The boy next door). 

This nail polishes are around 1,50€. 

This nail polish remover is great!! It removes polish very quickly and you don't need any cotton pad. It is only around 3€ and I recommend it to all of you girls.


I love Catrice nail polishes. They are so easy to apply, long lasting and very pigmented. They are probably my favourite nail polishes ever. 

They cost around 2€. 

The green one is called I see you, pink one Just married and the gold glittered nail polish Two million dollar baby. 


This is a very beautiful glittery nail polish. It is very well pigmented but it's not very long lasting (only 2-3 days) and also very hard to remove. 
It is in the colour Pink silver glitter and it costs around 4€. 

That is all for this post. Hope you like it. 

Tell me in comments which is your favourite Essence or Catrice or Barry M nail polish ;)

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, 6 June 2014


Hello ladys!

I love to read this kind of blog posts because I can find some new, cool products to include in my make up collection. So I decided to do one to. Let me show you which products I use for my every day make up routine (products that I use are always changing but lately I have been loving this ones). 


At first I always use my daily cream (I use Nivea aqua effect daily cream), than sometimes if I will be wearing make up all day I also use primer. I love the Rimmel fix and perfect one. Then I use my Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. I love this foundation especially when my skin is dry. If you have oil skin I wouldn't recommend it to you but for other skin types it is amazing. And because I have very big, dark circles under my eyes I have to use concealer. I love Revlon colorstay one. I have tried a lot of concealer before but this one really covers great. I always set my concealer and sometimes my foundation too. I use my Manhattan soft powder (this one is really old and I need a new one. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment belowe). And when I want to look extra bronzed and have a nice glow I use my sleek conture kit - it is amazing!

 Sleek contour kit swatch


I think that a pair of nice brows totally frames your face nicely. That is why I alawys fill them a little bit. For that I use Essence brow kit and to set them I use Catrice lash brow mascara. 


I love to experiment with eye shadows that is why the pallets that I'm using are always changing. But when I want nice natural eye look I love to use my MUA heaven and earth pallet and my Alverde chocolate smaller pallet. And when I'm in a hurry but still want something on my eyelids I use Maybelline colour tattoo in on and one bronze. And to make my lashes pop I use Maybelline rocket mascara which is my absolute favourite.

Some swatches of the MUA heaven and earth pallet

Swatch of the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and one bronze

Because I'm always biting or licking my lips I rearly wear lipstick or lip gloss. 

So that is it for my make up routine. Comment what is one essential product in your make up routine ;)

Thanks for reading!!  <3



I never used to have a skin care routin because I don't really have a bad skin. But since I'm reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos I become obsessed whit cleaning my skin because if you have good skin without blemishes it doesn't mean that it's clean. 

I clean my skin in the morning and in the evening but because in the morning I only use one product I decided to do a night time skin care routin. So lets start!

At first I remove my make up (how I do it you can read in my last post). Than I use my Garnier cleansing gel and a little "brush" that look like a big tooth brush. I started using this brush two months ago and it changed my skin a lot. I can feel that my skin is a lot cleaner when I use it. But I don't use it every day because my skin is quite sensitive (only three or four times a week). 

You can buy this "brush" in Muller for only about 2€.

After cleansing my skin only once a week I put a mask on my face. I use an Avon hydrating mask.
It costs around 8€.

Than I always use toner and I think that it just refreshes my face. I use Nivea one for dry to sensitive skin. 

When I'm done with cleansing my skin I put my "night" cream on. It's not really for the night time but I like to use it than because is quite thick and it hydrate my skin very well. After applying cream I use Garnier roll on for dark eye circles, because mine are very bad. And of course I also use lip balm and I'm currently using the Labello one with honey and milk and I really like it. 

PS: sometimes I also use Nivea stripes against black heads but I will not be repourchasing this because I don't think they do anything (you can see them in a picture above).

And there is me cleansing my skin haha :D

And please comment if you use any of this products or which is your favourite cleansing product ;)

Thanks for reading!


Hello girls!

I was always having a hard time finding some good make up removers that would work very well and remove waterproof make up too. But I finnaly found two very good ones and I recomed them to you all, girls with oily or dry skin. 

Before I start removing my make up I always splash my face with some water because I find it easier to remove it when my face is wet.  

Then I use my Nivea waterproof eye make up remover. I used to put it on a cotton pad but now I just put it on my fingers and massage it in. I think that using it with my fingers removes make up faster and better and I don't need to use cotton pads which is great. 

It costs around 5€. 

Then I remove my face make up and for that I use Garnier micellar cleansing water. Some people think it doesn't work well but I think it is great. it removes all my make up. I put it on a square cotton pad and massage it in my skin.

It costs around 5€ too.   

After I remove my make up I also use other products. If you are interested what I use check out my next blog post that will be on soon.  

PS: sorry for bad pictures. The lighting in my house is the worst. 

Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks!

Monday, 2 June 2014


Do you want some cheap but very good nail polishes? I would totally recommend you Avon ones. I have been purchasing them for more than 5 years and I still love them. I have quite a lot of them and they are all very good. 

They have two lines of nail polishes. 

First one is called Nailwear pro. This nail polishes are amazing. They have great pigmentation, are long lasting and easy to apply. 

The other line is called Speed dry. It is also very good, but not so long lasting. 


From left to right: tweed, cherry jubilee, classic fit, vivid violet

From left to right: perfectly flesh, viva pink, serene, lucky penny


From left to right: ballerina, bronzess, asap pink, swift sherbet

+ long lasting, great pigmentation, only two or one coat is necessary, cheap

- speed dry ones is not very long lasting 

Thanks for reading!!