Saturday, 27 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #4

Hello girls!

Here I have the last nail post for my NOTD Christmas edition posts and probably also the last NOTD of this year.
I think this are really nice nails that look great for Christmas and also for new year party because they are red, gold and very glittery.

I used Essence - Redvolution and Catrice - Two Million dollar baby.

Hope you like this nail look and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Friday, 26 December 2014


Hello lovelies!

Holidays just came and for me that means relaxation by the fire place, eating good food, watching Christmas movies... in one word being lazy haha. So I think that this post is perfect for today.


I don't really have a routine haha. In the morning I just wash my face with cold water and use moisturiser and in the evenings I clean my face with some make up remover wipes and use a toner. 


Well if I stay at home I don't wear any make up, but if I go out I just use BB cream or sometimes just primer, concealer, mascara and a brow product. 


A bun 100%! :D


Comfy sweater (probably Christmas one), leggings and some warm, cosy socks. 


Home made Christmas cookies for sure. My mum and I do really cute little cookies with jam in the middle. Very delicious :D


I usually drink tea but sometimes I like to spoil myself with a cup of cacao with whipped cream on top :D  

Hope you like this simple post and thanks for visiting my blog <3

PS: I just reached 50 follower!!! So excited and thankful for you!! <3 
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Monday, 22 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #3

Hey girls!

Today is another simple NOTD post. As you can see from my previous posts I don't do any complicated and special nails because I'm no artist haha I just like to show you which nail polishes I like and how I pair them together :)

I think that this two nail polishes that I used look great together. Essence - 02 We love winter holidays! reminds me of a Christmas tree and Catrice - 42 Nickle Minaj of lights and Christmas decoration. 

Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello pretty ladies!

Today I felt like doing a simple but fun post. I love reading blog posts like this because I always find something new and interesting that will "help" me get through a season so I decided to show you my must haves for winter months. 

Tell me if you like posts like this and what is yours winter essential ?


As I told you all ready in my skincare post (right here) I'm obsessed with moisturising my skin during winter. 

My hands and lips get very dry and cracked so I always carry around HAND CREAM & LIP BALM and I also have them on my desk or next to my bed.

And I also try to moisturise my body as much as possible (I'm really lazy with that haha), especially my legs and arms (I love this Nivea one. It's great for very dry skin).


I only change one thing about my make up in the winter and that is my foundation. In the summer I prefer wearing BB creams or if I wear foundation it must be light and not matt like Bourjois healthy mix but in the winter I like a foundation that gives more coverage (due to my red nose and cheeks) and is slightly matt. L'oreal True Match and Max factor face finity 3 in 1 work great for me. 

And another think that I love to very especially during winter are dark, red and sparkly nail polishes. (Catrice is have some really good ones right now). 


I love me some soft, thick scarfs and jumpers/cardigans that keep me warm during winter. All of the items below are form H&M (yes I'm obsessed haha). 


Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea... that is all I can say haha. I love to drink to all year but in the winter I drink a ton of it. I especially love green tea as you can see :D

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

Saturday, 13 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #2

Hello guys!

Today I'm doing my #2 nail of the day for December.
I really like this two nail polishes together. I think they look very festive and Christmasy :D

I used a white Essence nail polish called 199 wild white ways which I just bought a couple days ago but I really like it all ready and the silver/bronze shimmery nail polish is Catrice - 24 The glamoureX Factor.

Hope you like this quick post and thanks for visiting my blog <3

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hello lovelies!

I know I promised the last post of my autumn series quite some time ago but I just didn't find the time to do :( . But here it is the last part of my series where I will tell you more about my skincare in colder months (autumn & winter). Lets start!


This is the most important and essential step in my routine when the weather gets colder. My skin is normal in warmer months but gets quite dry around my nose and lips in autumn and winter so a good moisturiser is a must for me. I use NIVEA AQUA EFFECT DAILY CREAM at night because is quite thick and doesn't sink into skin very quickly that's why I don't use it in the morning because is not  the best base for make up. And in the mornings I started using BALEA HYDRATING SERUM and so far I like it a lot. Sinks into my skin quickly and makes it very smooth.


Because I have some dry patches on my skin I really had to clean it so that it doesn't get irritated. 

In the evenings I remove make up with my trusted and well loved NIVEA CREAM EYE MAKE UP REMOVER (I ran out of it yesterday and thrown it away so you can see it here) and LOREAL HYDRA ACTIVE 3 which work great for me as well. 
And then CLEAN&CLEAR DEEP ACTION CREAM WASH which really makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed.

And in the morning I use CLEAN&CLEAR DEEP ACTION REFRESHING GEL CLEANSER  which makes my face look more awake and fresh and CLEAN&CLEAR BLACKHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER  which is great for removing blackheads. 

*you can read more about my Clean&Clear products in my Clean&Clear products review post (here).


I use hydrating and deep cleaning masks. I love AVON HEAVENLY HYDRATION for hydration and AVON PERFECTLY PURIFYING for cleaning.. They are both  very cheap but also very good. 

And that is it for my routine. Tell me which step is essential in your skincare routine and thank you for visiting my blog <3

Friday, 5 December 2014

NOTD (Christmas edition) #1

Hey guys!

Because the holidays are around the corner I decided to do a little "Christmas nails" posts once every week in December and this one is the first. They are all going to be related to Christmas, lights, shimmer... :D

Tell me if your are excited for holidays to and which is your favourite colour for that time of the year? :)

This is just a simple shimmery Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter nail polish. It's silver and pink and purple and great of that time of the year.

Thank you for visiting my blog! 

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hello lovelies!

I have been gone for quite some time due to collage work but I'm back with another post and I will be posting every week from now on. 
Today I decided to do a review of the Clean&Clear products that I purchased around two months ago. I have been using them since so I know exactly what they do to my skin. Lets start!


The texture of this products is cream like (but not heavy or sticky) and it also has small little pieces in it which really clean you skin deeply. I use in the evenings after I remove my make up because it makes my skin feel so clean and refresh. 
Since I have been using this product my skin feels and looks a lot cleaner. It is smooth and also the pores are smaller.Over all I really like it


This products has a gel formula and it smells so fresh (of apples). For some maybe the smell will be to strong but for me is very refreshing. After mixed with water it foams up. I love using it in the morning because it makes my skin really fresh and awake. Love this one too. 


This toner is really nice. I love the smell (also very fresh) and it is also a bit cooling. I also noticed that I don't have any blackheads on my chin anymore. Also a really good product.

Over all I'm very satisfied with this purchase. All three products work great for me (but you must now that my skin is not very problematic and sensitive just a bit dry). I would repurchase them again!

Tell me if you like or use any of this products ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

Monday, 3 November 2014


Hello girls!

I can't believe that in only two months we will be celebrating new year. October passed so quickly. Actually I'm very happy it did because I had to study quite a lot even though I just started collage this month. But despite all the studying I managed to find some (a lot) time to collect all beauty products and also some other things that I have been loving in October.
So let me stop rambling and juts show them to you :D



When I did a review about this product quite a while ago I wasn't crazy about it. But lately I started applying it with Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and I must say this two work great together. I apply it in layers (at first one pump and the one or half a pump) and the sponge makes it look very natural and flawless also on my dry patches. And what I like the most about it is medium to high coverage. When I used to apply it with my fingers it looked cakey sometimes but with the sponge it looks great and still gives good coverage which is a must for me in colder months (red nose and cheeks problems haha). 


I did a review about this product couple months ago and I deleted it. I said how much I don't like it because it does nothing to my brows. But I don't know what changed because this month I tired it again and really liked it. I still don't use it on its own because it doesn't fill in the brows but with a brow powder or pencil it works great. Sets and comb the hairs very nicely. 


 If you read my blog you know how much I love Essence nail polish remover. But I must say that I found something even better and it is the Ebelin one. It removes nail polish better and quicker because the sponge is more compact. It is the same price as the Essence one but you get a little bit less of the products but that doesn't bother me at all. Totally recommend this product to all of you girls. 


I love all of the Essence brushes because they are cheap and do a great job. And when I saw this one in Muller couple weeks ago I had to have it. It's a perfect size for blending and does a great job at it. It is not the most gentle one but I don't mind that at all. And it costs less than 2€. 


I can't say that this is a favourite because I only had it for two weeks but so far I quite liked it. When I use this product and a concealer over my dark circles really look less intense. I will tell you more about it in a separate post when I have a bigger opinion about it. 


I really like this mask. It is very thick and I don't need much to cover my whole face. After using it my skin feels very fresh and clean. For only 3,90€ on it is a great mask and I will definitely repurchase it after I use it up.


And I also has two movie favourites this month. The first one is Million ways to dye in the west (great, very funny comedy) and Endless love (love drama - great for those times of the month when us girls just need to cry a little bit haha :D). 

That is all for this months favourites. Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog <3



Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hello guys!

Today I decided to do a post that I haven't seen on a blog before but is very popular on YouTube. As you can see in the title I will show you what I carry around in my bag on daily basis (when I go to classes or just around town). Maybe some of you don't like these posts but I think they are really fun and great for us nosey girls who want to now what girls are hiding in their bags haha :D

Lets start!

Of course I have to carry around some essential beauty products with me even if I only go out for an hour haha. 


This is a must have especially for the colder months because my hands get really dry and sometimes also cracked. I really like section in DM or Muller where they sell mini products and that is where I found this little Balea Kamill hand & nail cream which is very nice. 


I have to carry with me a brown setting products because they never stay in place for a long time. This one is my new obsession and I will tell you more about it in my October favourites post ;)


I can just say: can't live without them when I'm out and about haha :D


I always have some plasters in my bag especially when I wear ballet flats. This Compeed ones are amazing! I recommend them to all of you girls who have problems with getting blisters while wearing flats. 

Besides beauty products I also carry around my sunglasses and I think that they are an essential all over the year. Mine are from H&M and the case is from C&A (they have some really cute ones and they are very compact and cost only 5€). 

And my two planners are always with me on a go. The big one I use for my college things and the small one of course for my blog. I got the big one on Unikatni koledarĨki on Facebook and the small one in a grocery store.

That's all that I have in my bag besides college things like note books and pencils, my phone and wallet. Hope you like this posts and you found some things that you don't but need to have in your bag :D

Oh.. and my bag is for ASOS but I don't think they sell it any more :(

Thank you for visiting my blog  <3 

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Hello girls!

As I mentioned in my previous Autumn series post today I'm doing the second part of it. I will be talking about my favourite eye products and looks. Lets start!


1. MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO  ( metallic pomegranate )

This is a beautiful burgundy/berry shimmery cream eyeshadow but it is a little bit to sheer for me to wear it on it's own but as a base I love it. When I want just a little bit of red tones on my eyes I use this one as a base and on top I usually apply a matt brown eyeshadow and it looks very pretty. It is also very long lasting. 

2. CATRICE VELVET MATT   ( al burgundy)

This is such a gorgeous deep plum/burgundy eyeshadow. It's very pigmented but has quite a lot of fall outs that's why I always do my eye make up first when using it. I love to use to do a line on my upper lash line for day time and all over my eyelid for night time. 

3. ESSENCE COOKIES & CREAM   (last night a cookie saved my life) 

This one is great for every day. It's a brown eyeshadow with some red tones in it. It's great as a all over the eyelid colour and also for the crease or on lover lash line. I use this one quite a lot because it looks great with only mascara and some brow bone highlight. It's very pigmented and has no fall outs. 

4. MUA PALLET (undress me too)

This pallet is great for all seasons but it has some shades that are perfect for Autumn. I really like DEVOTION (shimmery gold ), FIERY (shimmery copper/orange), WINK (shimmery metallic brown/taupe) and DREAMY (shimmery brown).
This shades are all very pigmented, easy to apply and blend and also long lasting. 

(from top to bottom: wink, dreamy, fiery, devotion)

5. I <3 MAKE UP (go to heaven)

I think that this pallet is also appropriate for all seasons that's why it also has shades that are great for this time of the year. This pallet doesn't have names for the shades so you can see on picture below how my favourite eyeshadows look. 


1. AVON DUO EYE PENCIL (black and brown)

I figured out that I only use eye pencils in autumn and winter because in that time of the year I tend to do darker eye make up looks. I really like to use black and also brown pencil on my top and lower lash line and I usually smudge it out with matt eyeshadow. I really like this Avon one. It is nicely pigmented, easy to apply, not too creamy and very cheap. And it is double ended which is great too. 

 Hope you liked this post and if you want the see the last part of my Autumn series keep an eye on my blog because it is coming soon. 

Thanks for visiting my blog <3

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Hello lovelies!!

I love reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos that girls do for every season of the year.
But since I started my blog in the middle of summer I decided not to do this type of posts for that season so I waited for autumn and here is the first part of my Autumn series! 

Today I will show  and tell you something about my favourite colours and nail polishes for that time of the year. So lets start!!


If you like Catrice nail polishes you have to go to drugstore and pick some because they have so much beautiful colour for autumn and winter time and you won't be disappointed with quality of them. I picked quite a few in September and they are all gonna be my statement nail polishes through the fall time. 


This is such a beautiful dark plum/purple colour without any shimmer. I only needed one coat of this nail polish. 


This one is a classic dark red nail polish. I apply two coats of this one. 


This is such a beautiful metallic bronze/golden shade. I love this one and only need one coat. 


This one is similar to Vino Tinto but it is metallic and maybe has a little bit more of a red tone to it. Only needed one coat with this one too. 


This one I bought 2 years ago and it's still easy to apply. It's a classic brown to grey shade and I need two coats of this one.


I really like this ones because they are easy to apply and last for a very long time on a nail and in a bottle and they are also very affordable. 


This is a beautiful shimmery bronze shade. I apply two coats and it is very long lasting. 


I think this is a perfect autumn nail polish because it reminds me of falling leaves. It's a shimmery orange/copper shade. I apply two coats of this nail polish.


I think that a nude nail polish is appropriate for every season and this one is great. It is not totally nude but has some pink tones in it. I need two to three coats with this one. 

Oh.. and if you want to see more of the autumn series posts just keep an eye on my blog because the second one is coming very soon ;)

This is it for the first part of my autumn inspired posts and thanks for visiting my blog <3